Have you ever wondered if there is any possibility that you can start your own business without spending too much? The answer is a big yes. I have a colleague before who risked everything he had in his professional including his executive position to start a business that we are not even sure that would work. I can never forget his words of wisdom when he said that our doubts will never be answered unless we will take the risk. True enough, we are able to prove that with knowledge, creativity, persistence, and hard work, any business can become a success. But the most striking part of his entrepreneurial business is that he spends almost nothing to start his business. In fact, his total monetary capital is less than half of mine.


Creativity Rocks

Creativity brings a new wave of life and color to our every endeavor most especially for a startup business. It adds spice and it certainly serves as a medium to express our ideas and philosophy in life. In business, creativity is a must. Without it, all products and services would just be the same and the whole market cycle will be stagnant and boring. My former colleague, and now a business competitor, has a huge reserve of creativity. Even before he started his business, he leads our team in a different manner by soliciting our creative inputs whenever there are product campaigns set for advertising. I guess that in our line of business which is fashion, everything has to be creative because our clients are always in the constant look for something different yet of high quality and at a reasonable price. In the world of fashion, this is both a challenge and a difficult commitment.


Start From Scratch

Not everyone is comfortable in starting from scratch. To take myself as an example, I am very afraid to start anything especially business if there are no certain means to gain resources in order to keep my online store running. For some people, they are comfortable with big monetary budget at hand, while others are contented with a minimal amount. I personally think that having an extra capital gives you a sense of security in case of failures and downsides of the business. But my former colleague literally started from scratch – from opening his store right in his garage to soliciting the services of his relatives and wife to take care of the daily operations of their store. It was actually amazing.


Be Indigenous

Being indigenous means utilizing all material resource that is readily made available in your area. This means that you do not have to buy or import something that will cost you a lot considering the shipment fees and travel taxes that are included in every item.


Support Local Products

Small Business StartupSupporting local products is a noble and effective way to uplift the local community’s economy. Remember that if you are able to contribute to the growth of your neighbor’s, they will also be capable and willing to patronize your startup business.