A Small business startup brings lots of problems to entrepreneurs that getting over the first stage of legal compliance seems the end already. This often causes oversight in operation and development. To keep you afloat in the competition, here are tips I picked to make sure that you are on the right track towards success.


1. Keep Track Of Renewable Requirements

Obtaining permits, licenses and other registration forms may be over, but there are yearly responsibilities that you should settle aside from paying your taxes. Most permits need to be renewed annually or semi-annually, depending on the nature of permit and the state government which issues it. Overlooking this matter may lead to the closure of your business. Although the agencies involved may remind you from time to time of your responsibilities, you are still getting closer to fine when this happens so better not risk it. I also find this tedious but always remember that it is your responsibility as a citizen with benefits.


2. Be On The Look For Training And Assistance Programs

There are lots of free trainings being offered by government agencies to small business owners to keep them alive in the competition. Because you are an important part of the micro economy, they will see to it that you stay afloat and probably get bigger over time. Assistance programs, whether financial, management, or connection, are also prevalent in most states. See what your local government is offering so you can avail and save more money in training your staffs.


3. Small Business Startup Should Be Monitored By Industry

By that, it means monitoring both the industry you are into and the competitors you are against. Failing to see what the competitors are up to may lead to your total obsolescence and although yours is just a small business, aiming to get bigger should still be aspired.

Industry updates may also help you in offering better products and services, including pricing strategies and innovations. Remember that Google only started in a garage but their industry’s success also became theirs.


4. Hear What Customers Have To Say

The smiles plastered on their faces when transacting with you tell you one thing, but it does tell you everything. Seeing satisfied faces may be customary out of nicety. But how confident are you that there is nothing more to that expression? How about the deadpan customer? Whether a multinational company or micro business, the heart of operation is still the customer and they deserved to be valued whatever it takes. We should put them on top of our priorities so they can feel that as customers, they are indeed special.

Have a survey form given to your regular clients or just simply asking them to place a sticker of a happy or sad face on your board will do the job. Words lie but their actions won’t.


5. Small Business Startup Be Online

Small Business StartupEven a small venture needs promotion. What else is cheapest and more convenient than internet marketing and social media management? Micro ventures are most likely to operate in a community where most people know each other or have connections one way or another. Take advantage of it and sell yourself through the social media. Be friends with your neighbor. If your product can be delivered like food, merchandise or souvenirs, you can utilize the social media for faster delivery and processing of orders.

Internet marketing is a very useful way in maximizing the internet as a tool for success. You don’t have to be a multinational company to be ultra-modern. Remember that a small business startup is often the beginning even of the largest corporations.