Small business startup is not all about selling products in small-scale; it can also be about services and in fact, the better choice between the two. Unlike offering products as your business core, service type has lower risks of losing money since you are venturing in human capital and materials per se. There is also no much tasks of inventory, renewing of stocks and the hassles of packaging and delivery. Nonetheless, since you are offering knowledge-based services, you should be well-versed in the field and a reliable one.

Among the services best for startup business, I listed the following as the top picks.


1. Small Business Startup For Animal Breeding

If you have that genuine love for animals and have actual experience in handling animal behaviors and tantrums, then this is the right service to offer. Animal breeders are paid per service and based on the deal, you may even have post-service fee should the breeding be successful. This may seem funny for some, but among the high-class society, this job is a must, given with full of trust. If pet owners spend good money on grooming, expect them to double that for breeding. Triple that for horse breeding.


2. Web Designing Service

You read it all over and over again, but they are still in, I can guarantee you that. Web designers do not run out of clients because new websites do not fail to come out seemingly every 37 seconds. Okay, that may not be the case, but they are proliferating more than the rate of web design services. That leaves a huge chunk of the market segment to freelancers. Venturing in small business startup of web design services is a low-risk venture as the tools needed are not hard to find. Just know the industry trends and new techniques designing and you are all set to get clients. Your creativity is the limit in making money.


3. Small Business Startup For Technical And Web Writing

Obama doesn’t like outsourcing that much and you are about to help him in his advocacies. Getting hired for writing web contents for companies and individuals is easier these days as there are lots of outsourcing going on. You can directly bid and talk to web administrators, website owners or businesses to get projects and just have the excessive work-load distributed to part-time staffs or contracted writers. There are many sites dedicated to project bidding so you’ll never run out of options.


4. Marketing Consultation

We already know that modern marketing is no longer just about making sales, getting clients and promoting products and services. It now includes social media management, Search Engine Management and a load of knowledge in Internet marketing. Offering this service to small businesses may be a good idea as these are the types that may not want to hire full-time marketing consultants and web consultants separately. The business is booming in this field so you can go big-time just by keeping that portfolio piling up.


5. Pastry Baking

Small Business StartupBaking is a fun activity that the whole family will surely love. But if your family is already enjoying it and the final products, why not make it a source of income as well. Selling pastries, cookies and cupcakes for a small business startup is easy when you are in a tight community that prefers more personal way of doing business.